Yankz® PaceTat Banner
Yankz® PaceTat Banner
Yankz® PaceTat Banner
Yankz® PaceTat

The Yankz® PaceTat product that’s suitable for use on skin. The tattoos are easy to apply, comfortable, colourful, athlete personalised and stand out on any skin tone. Manufactured in the UK by Sportstiks.

Rather than having your race timings printed onto a wrist strap that you need to move around to check your pace time whilst running, you can simply view all of the planned times clearly by applying the tattoo on the same arm as your watch.  As you can see from our photo examples, competitors tend to place the tattoo on the underside of their arm for quick reference.

The tattoo can be cleaned off after the event with baby oil.

Pace Tattoos
PaceTat Applied
PaceTat Applied Image 2

Yankz® PaceTats are:

  • Athlete Bespoke can include athletes name
  • Pace tattoos are distance specific tattoos and take the place of the traditional tyvek pace bands.
  • Sell on space to sponsors associate your business with cutting edge athlete id. Your logo will get maximum exposure as it will be on the skin of every person in the event seen by family and friends pictures posted over social media sites.
  • Unique 1 piece pace tattoo
  • Clearer times than a traditional pace band
  • Stand out on any skin tone
  • Full colour
  • Waterproof
  • Long lasting
  • Time split in Miles and Kilometres
  • A new tool in your sponsorship offering.
  • Heighten the prestige and professionalism of your event.
  • Raise the bar – other events are now using Pace tattoos to professionalise their look and feel and are moving to the next level.

Manufactured by Sportstiks.

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